Friday, June 30, 2006

Her name is Lunch Box.

Her name is Lunch Box., originally uploaded by This Year's Love.

Happiness is a puppy called Lunch Box.

Humane Society Calumet Area.
Well, I did it! I went to the humane society not too far from where I live and took pictures for them. It was chaotic and crazy and smelly but I loved every moment of it. My heart went out to all of the animals in their care and the people are amazing considering the huge task that they face every single day caring for hundreds of animals.
There were so many cats it made my head spin and I only saw a handful of the dogs! There were many other rows I didn't even get a chance to walk down.
The shelter has a great website but one crucial part was missing--photos of their animals! Before I even saw their request for volunteers I contemplated offering my services. But then I saw that they wanted volunteers and I had to contact them right away. I heard back within the next day and two days later I was there!
This puppy in particular tugged at my heart strings every time I liked into her eyes. She reminds me too much of my own darling, Judah. The eyes, the sadness in them, it's what made me take Judah home with me as a little six-week-old puppy bloated with worms and covered in fleas.
This puppy is obviously in a much better condition and so beautiful. She's a Lab/Border Collie mix by her markins, so a lot of her is similar to Judah's build. Her name is Lunch Box and I'm totally in love. I want more than anything to bring her home!
But I also know that there are countless adult dogs that need adopting and won't be adopted out as quickly as the puppies. :(
So yeah. A great time and two-hours were never better spent. I'm definitely going back for more because there are TONS of animals that need their pictures to put up on PetFinder so people can see them and fall in love with them and adopt them :)

Taking their pictures is the least I could do. I had a lot of fun! The pictures will be going up tomorrow morning on PetFinder, so I can't wait to see them there! I really hope the photos help them get adopted faster.



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